I Remember The Sixties
Dee Dee Warwick- When Love Slips Away TwoLoversMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc1 WorkinOnAGroovyThingPattiDrew YouBeatMetothePunchMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc1 YoullLoseAPreciousLove YourOldStandbyMaryWellsLookingBack19611964Disc2[1] YouveBeenMyInspiration YouveGotToEarnIt allover bigboy bill let billy strange[1] SupernaturalThingPart1LPVersion SupernaturalThingPt2LPVersion TellHimPattiDrew TemptationsFarewellMyLove1 ThatsHowHeartachesAreMadeBabyWashington1963 TheCadillacsSpeedo[1] TheCleftonesShesSoFine TheHearbeatsAThousandMilesAway[1] ThePayback ThePlattersOnlyYou TimeWasLPVersion Track11UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track12UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track15UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track22UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track4UnknownAlbum172009104656PM Track8UnknownAlbum172009104656PM dus13[1] dus17[1] dus3 elephantwalk etta last ftnpi gene tempt gene true getajob girlsalright gloria wish[1] marvin distant[1] marvin inner[1] max oh nancy when[1] samcooke thetemptationszoom wes bumpin wwyd 75.Darrow Fletcher Sitting There That N 76.Henry Ford & Lil' Natalie & Gifts Tr 77.Derek Martin You Better Go 78.Festivals I'll Always Love You 79.Don't Be Afraid - Frank Carl & The 80.So Blue - Vibrations 82.Let Her Love Me - Otis Leaville 83.Peace Of Minds - Vontastics 84.Say You - Monitors 85.God Bless The Child - The Dells 86.Things Go Better With Love - Duncan 87.Lanora - Vondells 88.Just A Part Of Life - 5 Crowns 89.14. Feel At Home Here - Michele Wil 90.15. Since I Fell For You - Vibratio 91.16. Hey Lady - Entertainment 4 92.17. It's You For Me - Amazons 93.18. Got No One - Delcardo's 94.19. Be Ever Wonderful - Ted Taylor 95.20. Under The Street Lamp - Exits 96.21. She's Gone - Nolan Chance 97.22. Never Too Much Love - Impressio 98.23. What A Good Nite - Dells 99.24. Stay A While With Me - Sharon R 100.25. Open Our Eyes - Gospel Clefts 21.Let's Start Over-The Ringleaders 23.This Love's For Real-Hands Of Time 24.Auditions Returning Home From Vietna 29.I Can't Wait-Dontells 30.Sunny and the Sunliners My Dream 31.Henry Ford Take Me For What I Am 32.Topics All Good Things Come To An End 34.Loving You-Gifts 35.Continental 4 Oh Love-The Magnetics 36.Candy-Brothers Of Soul 37.Ronaldo Domino Not Too Cool To Cry 38.Continental 4 I Don't Have You 40.All For You-Admirations 41.Baby Don't Go-Occasions 42.Si Berians Crying Baby Wont Help The 43.How Can I Pretend-Continental 4

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